1. Acceptance of Terms of Use Agreement.

1. Introduction

BambooDoe Technologies operates and uses the mobile app (Dokiedoo) and website to offer access to an advertising platform (the "Platform") related to online and offline advertising. These Terms and Conditions govern the Program that is made available for Dokiedoo products under BambooDoe Technologies.

2. Who may use our product?
The website ( and mobile app(Dokiedoo) can be accessed by visitors and provided to the general public. We promote and influence the products to the visitors. We do not directly engage or responsible in any commitment of the products or payment which is made to affiliated sites or product owners.

3. Scope and Effective Date
These terms and conditions is effective as of Aug 7, 2020, and periodically, we may alter our terms to better reflect industry changes and/or changes in data protection and privacy law.

4. Legal conditions
Dokiedoo is the mediator to promote trending products to reach the right need of the customers and its users and product owners decide on the price, payment, product guarantee, and Dokiedoo is not involved or responsible for any payments or product issues or any guarantee. The seller and the purchases are directly linked and responsible for the products and abide by their individual (affiliates/products/users) terms and conditions.

5. More Information
If you have further questions or concerns relating to this Website's and mobile app terms and conditions, please email