✔️ COVID CROSS-CONTAMINATION - Use the antimicrobial hand tool to avoid all contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. This door opener and stylus provides you with a safer way to utilize public touchscreens, to open doors, and to press buttons. ✔️ STYLUS POINT INCLUDED WORKS WITH ATM TOUCH SCREEN - The frontal piece of the tool comes with an ultra-handy stylus point that can be used to press buttons on pin pads (e.g. ATM ), elevators, and light switches & ATM Touch Screen. ✔️ ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - The hand free door opener’s ergonomic key-like design means that it’s easy to press buttons, to open doors, to maneuver lever-type handles, and to carry plastic shopping bags,This is the ideal way to prevent cross-contamination. ✔️ EASY TO CARRY - The brass no touch key tool, which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, has a hole at one end meaning you can hang it on your key ring, from your key chain, or pop the hygiene door opener in your everyday bag for safekeeping High grade stainless steel with Premium and Durable Quality. ✔️ Click DISCOVER for more excited Offers here!!!