✔️ Beautiful Design: It is foldable, portable, stackable and lightweight furniture which has a unique artistic design ✔️ It folds like a book and opens into a piece of multifunctional furniture.; Top Seat: The top seat is made of a special material which provides cushion and sturdiness for it to be used as a seat as well as a table. ✔️ It is waterproof and comes in dual colour to suit any decor. ✔️ Endless Possibilities: It is versatile as it can be used in many ways such as a stool, table, foot rest, night stand, standing work desk, table & chair set, bench and shelf. ✔️ It is permanent furniture in homes and work places, movable furniture for space saving and carry on to take it outdoors to parks, beaches and more ✔️ Advanced Origami Structures: The strength and stability of foldables is based on the patented origami structural design which makes it withstand extreme weight. ✔️ It is handcrafted using specially manufactured laminated kraft paper panels . It is water resistant and can take a load of upto 250 kgs ✔️ Click DISCOVER for more excited Offers here!!!