✔️ Material: Biocompatible skin friendly higrade polycarbonate; Colour: Milky White; Target Audience:Unisex ✔️ Improve your posture - effortlessly improve your posture in two weeks. Sit or stand confidently with healthy posture. Most of our users have reported improved posture in just 2 weeks. ✔️ Improved posture will strengthen your whole body, releasing discomfort in your neck, back, hips and legs, so that you can get back to living pain-free ✔️ Posture Trainer – Strack offers two different posture training to improve your posture significantly at home or at office. It’s built-in 30-days training program with personalized goals helps you improve your core muscles and posture significantly. Our body is designed to move. Strack’s built in training ensures that you are active throughout the day and you don’t become victim of sedentary life styles. ✔️ Posture Corrector: Strack is a tiny wearable device that vibrates every time you slouch thus helping you live healthy through better back health. It alerts you with gentle vibration when bad posture is detected ✔️ Posture Tracking & Management - Monitor your posture improvement easily. You can monitor your daily, weekly and monthly progress via free iOS and Android App. You can also personalize various parameters such as time to alert, sensitivity, vibration intensity, and training goals from mobile app to get the best out of Strack for your posture correction needs. ✔️ Click DISCOVER for more excited Offers here!!!